Top 5 Guide Serves As Comparison Shopping Tool

Top 5 Guide Serves As Comparison Shopping Tool 55
Website Provides Comparative Reviews of Various Products Based On First-Hand Buyer Experience.

Top 5 Guide Serves As Comparison Shopping Tool 56

Top 5 Guide is a collection of product review websites serving as comparative shopping guides for consumers. The company bases its reviews and rankings on first-hand buyer experiences of its team of researchers.

Rather than accepting the products for free, the Top 5 Guide team buys the products themselves. This allows them to assess the overall experience from a consumer standpoint, from the inquiry stage to the actual product use and post-purchase service.

Top 5 Guide provides comparative reviews for a wide variety of product types covering different industries. At present, the company features a list of the top five brands and providers under the categories Best Home Warranties, Best Extended Car Warranties, Best Medical Alerts, Best Pillows, and Best Hair Extensions to name a few.

To produce its reviews, the company selects a list of the most prominent providers in the niche based on available market data. It then purchases products from each one and evaluates them. The researchers rank them according to key factors including the price, ease of use, customer service, inclusions, warranties, and more. The team covers all criteria that collectively equate the full value of the products to consumers.

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