Where would we be without the internet? As one of the greatest inventions in history, the internet has brought so much convenience and ease to our daily lives. Whether you want to find a movie or TV show to watch, get some groceries delivered straight to your door, or see your friends and family on the other side of the planet — the internet has the solution for you. However, as great as the internet has been for everyone around the world, there is a dark side underneath the surface web that you should know about.

The dark web is a section of the internet that is hidden away from the public. You might be wondering how to get access to the dark web, and believe it or not, it’s incredibly easy. The dark web might seem like this far-away land that is out of reach for normal people like you and me, but the reality is that you just need a unique browser to take a peek into the dark side of the internet.

Before we get started on how to access the dark web, it must be said that it’s not some dark underground market that most people make it out to be. There are dangerous websites on the dark web, but there are other websites that are perfectly safe for anyone to access. Want to know about this mysterious side of the internet? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the dark web, and how you can access it within minutes.

What is the Dark Web?

Let’s start with the dark web and how it came about. After all, you’ll want to understand what you’re getting yourself into before you head over to the dark web right? There’s an interesting backstory behind how the dark web came about.

The United States Naval Research Laboratory designed and created a special program in the 1990s. The program was designed to allow spies to communicate securely and privately over the internet, without any of their messages being intercepted. Eventually, the program was disbanded and repurposed into a special browser known as Tor (The Onion Router). Tor is a private browser that allows you to access the dark web, which is a collection of websites that have been hidden from the public — which is referred to as the surface web.

The Tor browser is the only way that you can access the dark web. It’s not difficult to get your hands on either. Anyone can download the browser free of charge and on any device. Tor is even available on the Apple Store, which is notoriously strict on which apps they allow on its marketplace — this is the first indicator that there is nothing inherently wrong with accessing the dark web.

There are three main benefits to using the dark web as opposed to the surface web:

  • The anonymity of the user
  • Services and websites that are untraceable
  • Both users and providers are capable of taking illegal actions

These benefits will naturally attract individuals who have malicious and illegal intentions, such as cybercriminals or terrorist organizations for example. However, not everyone on the dark web has ill intentions — the dark web is also advantageous to whistleblowers, censored journalists, abuse and persecution victims, and political dissidents.

Is the Tor Browser Safe?

So, is the dark web safe enough for the average person to access? Tor browser offers user anonymity by routing your internet traffic through a random path of servers known as nodes. This allows you to keep your browsing history and internet activity hidden from prying eyes — whether that’s cyber criminals or the government.

The dark web also uses additional encryption technology known as I2P (invisible internet project). This software helps to keep website owners protected too, and prevents anyone from seeing who owns any specific website on the dark web. That means everyone’s identity on the dark web is kept anonymous.

The dark web has a reputation for being a hub of criminal activity with sketchy dealings, dangerous hackers, and scary websites. While this is partly true, there are other people on the dark web and websites that aren’t necessarily dangerous. Believe it or not, there are even legal parties and government agencies that use the dark web!

If you’re accessing the dark web, there are three main risks to look out for:

  • Malicious software – malware is prevalent on the dark web, just as it is on the surface web. Your device could contract malware like viruses, ransomware, and spyware if you’re not careful. Always be wary of sketchy links and potentially dangerous websites.
  • Government monitoring – despite the anonymous browsing that the Tor browser offers, you still need to be careful about which websites you visit. Some government agencies have taken over specific websites on the dark web to lure in and capture dangerous individuals. If you stumble across one of these sites, you could become a government target just for visiting the website.
  • Scams – we all know that scams are everywhere, even on the surface web. However, if you fall for a scam on the dark web, it’s much more difficult (if not impossible) to track down a scammer on the dark web. If you’re buying a product or service on the dark web, this is something you need to be aware of! 

How to Ensure Safety on the Dark Web

If you’re planning on downloading the Tor browser to experience the dark web for yourself, there are a few important precautions you need to take.

The first precaution is to install a premium VPN on your device. This will encrypt your internet connection to give you an extra layer of privacy and security. In addition, you should make sure to change your device’s location so that no one can trace your home address.

You’re also going to need premium antivirus software. As mentioned earlier, malware is prevalent on the dark web, and you want to avoid it at all costs. Antivirus software will constantly scan your device for any malware and allow you to remove harmful software from your device.

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Are you in the market for a new laptop? Are you trying to decide between AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS and Ryzen 9 5900HS laptops or Intel Core i7 laptops? Have no fret. In this blog post, we’re going to compare the two types of laptops across various categories to help you make an informed decision. 

What is the Ryzen 9 laptop?

The two series of AMD Ryzen 9 laptops are 5980HS and Ryzen 9 5900HS.


  • AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS: The AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS laptop is designed to have a high-performance processor. It is based on the same Zen 2 architecture as the desktop Ryzen 3000 series processors and offers similar performance to the Intel Core i9-10885H. The key difference between the two is that the 5980HS has a reduced TDP of 35W, compared to 45W for the 10885H. 

This makes it more suitable for use in slim and light laptops. The other main difference is that the 5980HS comes with 8 CPU cores and 16 threads, while the 10885H only has 6 CPU cores and 12 threads.

  • Ryzen 9 5900HS: The Ryzen 9 5900HS is a high-performance mobile processor from AMD. It is based on the Zen 3 architecture and offers 8 cores and 16 threads. The base clock speed is 3.3 GHz and the boost clock speed is 4.6 GHz. The TDP of the processor is 35W.

The Ryzen 9 5900HS offers excellent performance in both single and multi-threaded workloads. It can easily handle demanding games and applications with ease. The power consumption of the processor is also very low, making it ideal for use in laptops.

What is Intel Core i7?

Intel Core i7 is the latest, 8th-generation microprocessor by Intel. It has six cores and can be overclocked to process up to eight threads at once. The processor has a base clock of 3.6GHz and you can get it as a mobile chip too. 

This powerful Intel processor offers speed and performance for demanding tasks. With six cores and eight threads, the Core i7 can handle intensive applications with ease. It also features Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, which automatically increases the clock speed when needed to deliver a boost in performance.

Pros of AMD Ryzen Laptops

Assuming you are looking at the AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core i7 Laptops, here are the Pros of Each:

  • Enjoy ground-breaking gameplay and fantastic performance with the world’s most advanced processor.
  • If you’re a gamer, the AMD Ryzen will let you enjoy immersive visuals and responses, making your games come alive.
  • Play over 100 great PC games for a very low monthly price with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta).
  • Beneath the blistering speeds lies the enhanced Legion Coldfront 2.0 cooling system.
  • Buy the solid and sturdy structure of the Legion Tower (AMD) gaming desktop and start with the look and feel.
  • Overall, the Ryzen 9 laptop is the perfect choice for all gamers who want to do some serious work.

Pros of Intel Core i7 Laptops

  • Intel Core i7 is typically faster and more capable in comparison to Core i5 CPUs. 
  • Offers the latest i7 chips that come with up to six cores and 12 threads.
  • Better for advanced multitasking.
  • Boosts performance due to hyperthreading technology and core counts.
  • Play games, edit videos, and run other process-intensive tasks with the same speed and efficiency as a desktop PC.
  • Powerful enough for most on-the-go work.
  • Perfect for those who need a processor with more cache and higher clock speed.

Now that you know the pros of the Ryzen laptop and the Intel Core i7 laptops, let’s find out which is better for you?

Which of the two is Right for You?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a laptop that AMD Ryzen HS or Ryzen HS laptops vs Intel Core i. The first thing is what you will be using the laptop for. If you are a heavy user who does things like video editing or gaming, then you will need a more powerful processor. 

The second thing to think about is battery life. Some of AMD processors have better battery life than Intel processors. Third, you should consider the price. AMD processors are typically cheaper than Intel processors, so if you are on a budget, AMD may be the better choice.


After knowing the features and benefits of both Ryzen 9 laptops and Intel Core i7 laptops, we can say that both are good to go with. In terms of AMD Ryzen 9 models, both 5980HS and 5900HS laptops are great options for anyone in the market for a new laptop. 

Both laptops offer great performance and are very affordable. However, if you’re looking for the best possible performance, the AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS may be the way to go. 

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In the recent decades there have been no significant innovations in the world of mobile connection. People used to trust their providers and traditional physical sim cards. Even if this system seemed perfect and convenient, developers have found a way to make it even better. The rise of the internet has led to the inevitable improvement of the way people communicate. Now you can even get a virtual phone number and digital esim. Virtual phone numbers online you can find if you visit the official site of the service EsimPlus. More information about what is virtual phone number and its advantages over traditional phone numbers, you will find further in the article.

What is virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is the number which doesn’t belong to any of the national providers. This number can be used on different devices, and it is not limited by only one phone. Digital numbers and esim work with the help of the web, special services and apps. 

Advantages of virtual phone numbers

It has already been mentioned that esim doesn’t depend on one device. You can use your phone number on any device you want, both on your phone and laptop. You don’t have to get two physical sim cards or two devices anymore to get two numbers.

A virtual phone number is great for businessmen, because it helps them not to mix up personal and professional calls and messages. Moreover, now a lot of businesses only exist online. There are no real offices and all the meetings are held via Zoom or other platforms. If you want to keep your workers connected, virtual numbers will be of great help.

Travelers will also enjoy this new system as it allows them to become true world citizens. Virtual numbers don’t belong to any country’s providers. Esim can be used all around the world, and there are plans for different countries and continents. It is much more efficient and affordable than traditional roaming systems.

By the way, a lot of people now prefer the internet numbers, just because they are simply cheaper than traditional numbers by local providers. The price of your plan is fixed and you won’t have to pay anything else besides this money. 

How to get a digital number

Getting your own virtual number is pretty easy. Even if you’re not a huge fan of innovations, you will cope with this task. Each service requires a quick and safe registration. After signing up, you will have to choose the most suitable plan. Then, after setting up some things, you can finally enjoy your new phone number. One of the most interesting things about it is that it doesn’t seem different from traditional options. What is more, your subscription can be cancelled anytime you feel like it. 

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In any customer-oriented organization “customer-data” finds the top-most position. The reason, most of you already know. With the use of quality customer data, customer service teams find out which products are grabbing the greatest attention from consumers and which are not. This is also a great way to understand the outcome of your company’s marketing efforts and a lot more. 

Business owners who accept the value of customer data must acknowledge the need to manage business data adequately in a strong data warehouse which would further help in managing multiple operations. Data warehouse for customer service is a critical aspect of a business and hence, you must consider a reliable enterprise data warehousing expert like Algoscale.

Brief introduction of Data Warehouse

To make the best of the data warehouse for customer service, the first step is to learn what exactly data warehouse technology is.

Data warehouse anticipates various business practices including CRM, Finance, CMS, ERP, etc., and aims to perform customer analysis and handle queries. Thus, it carries a huge amount of customer data. Using multiple sources like log files, applications that customers use for transactions, etc. the data is taken and then stored in data warehousing which further consolidates and centralizes it for customer service or respective teams.

Using the analytical qualities of enterprise data warehousing, organizations can derive great insights related to their business. These insights help make strong business decisions. In the long run, the recorded data becomes quite useful to data scientists which is why data warehouse solutions are regarded as the source of truth for organizations.

Data Warehousing & Its Connection With Fanatical Customer Service Teams

The customer service team is the first point of contact for a customer, and the last to interact with them before they leave your site. They are the ones who will answer questions and process complaints, which can be a very challenging job.

Customer service departments are often overwhelmed with customer complaints, inquiries, and requests. This creates a challenge for these departments to effectively manage and resolve these issues.

If you are in search of a high-end data warehouse solution for your business, then we can be an ideal partner for you. Enterprise data warehousing provided by us accompanies several features by which it benefits businesses by solving various problems as listed below –

How Algoscale Helps In Solving Business Problems

Being a reliable and robust power-house of data engineering solutions, we power-up businesses with two prominent tools which include customer-facing tool and customer care facing tool. Both of these tools provide data that is reliable, strong, and efficient in many ways. These enterprise data warehousing tools ingest, cleansify, and store business data and offer quite insightful information that helps customer service teams.

Let’s explore Algoscale’s data warehouse solutions to see how they contribute to customer service –

  1. Customer-facing data warehouse solution – This data warehouse for customer service tool is designed for teams managing direct customers. For example – the customer-facing teams that manage queries related to customer orders can fetch great benefits from this tool. In this tool, the customer service team can sort information related to order delivery date and time, order cancellation, order history, and selling entity names or details.

The data of this tool would help business owners with information on products preferred by customers, the status of orders, and also, and patterns in which orders are being canceled. Using this information, the right decision for improving marketing and business strategy can be taken, and thus improve results.

  1. Customer care solution – This customer service tool is brilliant with its offered post-sale features. Ideal for CSRs (customer service representatives), it helps by providing information related to placed orders, billing address details, and seller details.

In the era of online shopping, customer care tools play a critical role in providing customer service. With enterprise data warehousing of this tool, the sales teams can improve customer experience and also, see insightful data related to sellers whose products are preferred by customers.

Thus the data warehouse for fanatical customer service teams provided by us thoroughly works to improve customer experience and ultimately influence business outcomes.

Algoscale’s Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution Features 

A good solution is backed by high-end technology. When we bet on our data warehouse engineering solutions for customer service, the credit goes to the technology that supports this system. Algoscale is fully confident to deliver great results to fanatical customer service teams because of the superior IT infrastructure and technology behind the tools.

Check out the key features of our enterprise data warehouse solutions right here

  1. The data warehouse solutions that we offer work seamlessly on various ERP solutions. This compatibility is mandatory to fetch data from various sources like Oracle golden gate/MySQL Db, etc. in real-time. Once the data is fetched, the system stores that data in datamart. 
  2. As every business follows certain rules, our tools can be customized to take those roles and process data accordingly. So, it is good at accepting various business rules on the stored data and finally storing that data in datamart. 
  3. Send these records through Kafka to the downstream process.
  4. The downstream team ingests this data and display it on the tools used by customers and customer care representative


To sum up, having optimized customer service, the customer service teams can now provide a much more custom and personalized experience. Acting on the information gleaned from using data warehousing is key to responding to consumer needs in real-time. With this insight, businesses can deliver a quality product or service to the consumer at all times.

Addressing the critical needs of businesses, Algoscale has served several businesses already, and more are rapidly connecting. Check on how we have benefitted businesses through these case studies

Also, read our case study on data integration for business campaigns and analytics which will let you know why you should quickly grab data warehouse technology for your business success. 

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Shooting important videos on high-tech iPhones guarantee quality and professionalism. While the utility is quite handy, losing your favorite footage from the device can be frustrating. Have you come across the issue and are looking for reliable iPhone deleted videos recovery solutions? The IT market extends a wide range of utilities to your relief. The following article talks about some of the leading picks to count upon in 2023.

Part 1: Top 3 iPhone Video Recovery 2023

1. Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery

Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery program is the current market leader among data recovery tools for iOS devices. From a straightforward and welcoming interface to an extensive set of updated features, the software has everything you will prefer. The program excels in its counterparts with the highest recovery rate for the accurate retrieval of lost data.

 The tool’s direct data recovery feature restores the lost videos to your iPhone without a backup. The options to recover data from iTunes and iCloud backups are also available. You can further, preview and choose the required data for selective recovery. The software ensures flexible operation with its extensive compatibility with the latest iOS versions and devices.

You can get back the lost data in over 36 different file formats in the best output quality. The Eassiy software can recover deleted images, videos, documents, audio, call logs, web history, text and app messages, etc., under a diversity of scenarios. The list includes software and hardware malfunction, liquid spillage, jailbreak and update failure, theft, virus infiltration, and many others.

The high-speed data scanning feature allows an instant scan of 1000+ video and image files. The software promises safe data recovery with its read-only characteristic. The advanced technology accumulation takes care of fast and precise data recovery.

2. Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery

The Dr. Fone program is an extensive toolkit that addresses the most diverse requirements of data handling. The software demonstrates remarkable efficiency in recovering lost data from iOS and Android devices. Likewise, you can rely on the tool to set straight the need for iPhone video recovery with an advanced recovery algorithm.

Looking at the software utilities to retrieve iPhone data, you can count on the quick and simple recovery process. The program greets you with a clean and user-cohesive interface that has the easiest navigation. You don’t need to be a tech geek for working with this tool. The software ensures a high data recovery rate and extends compatibility to Windows and Mac-supported devices.

You can back almost any kind of iPhone data, including videos, images, documents, messages, audio, etc., in the quickest span. The software can also recover lost data from third-party apps. Its selective iOS data recovery feature facilitates the preview and selection of required data from lost files.

You can get back the deleted information under a host of unpleasant scenarios. The list includes human error, iPhone getting dead, broken, or locked, water spillage, malware interruption, theft, water spillage, non-restorable backups, etc. The program works well with all popular iOS devices and supports the latest iOS versions for in-time and flexible data recovery.

3. AppGeeker iOS Data Recovery

AppGeeker is an excellent data recovery program for iPhones and iPads. You can rely on this software to get back almost any kind of lost iPhone data within a few moments. The tool can restore your deleted images, videos, contacts, documents, text, call and web histories, third-party app data, etc. in a host of unpleasant situations. The recovery process is fast, simple, and accurate.

The software allows you to preview and select the lost files you want to recover with its selective data recovery feature. You can choose to retrieve the deleted iPhone data through a direct memory scan of the device. This comes in handy if you have not backed up your iPhone data. There are options to recover lost files from iCloud and iTunes backups if you have created one.

Part 2: How to recover iPhone Videos without Backup

Recovering lost iPhone videos without backup with the Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery tool is quick and simple. Let us have a look at the stepwise process to proceed, in what follows next:

Step 1: Program Download and Installation

Download the recovery program from its official site to your system and proceed with the installation process.

Step 2: Device Connections

Use a lightning cable for connecting your iPhone to the system.

Step 3: iPhone Scanning in Progress

Click on the ‘Start Scan’ button to let the software scan and analyze the lost data files.

Step 4: Let’s Recover!

As the scanned files appear on your screen, preview and select the ones you want to get back and hit ‘Recover’.


The software market is packed with advanced recovery tools to retrieve deleted iPhone data. While you are free to make a choice, counting on the best makes things much easier. Likewise, you can pick one from the top 3 data recovery solutions to get back the lost iPhone videos.

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Tenorshare Announces Its Duplicate File Deleter Renamed to 4DDiG 2

NEW YORK, N.Y., Dec. 8, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Tenorshare has renamed its Duplicate File Deleter to 4DDiG. The changed name also ensures improved digging for duplicate files to provide high-quality deletion. This software promises to free up disk space, keep files well-organized and optimize disk performance more quickly and expertly than before. In addition, 4DDiG upgraded its Duplicate File Deleter’s UI and algorithm, enhancing its ability to locate and delete duplicate files efficiently.

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter
Image Caption: 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter.


1 – The 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter can locate duplicate files in Windows and Mac-based external and internal drives, USBs, digital cameras, and SD cards in mere seconds.

2 – It can find duplicate files, including videos, images, documents, and audio, and delete them quickly.

3 – It uses a smart MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm that compares not only file names but also their content to find duplicate files.

4 – Users can use 4DDiG’s filters to set search criteria by excluding or including folders and files to search for duplicate data.

5 – Regardless of the volume of duplicate files, this software can free up tons of space by eliminating duplicate files to boost disk performance.

6 – An easy-to-use interface ensures safe duplicate file removal in three clicks without endangering users’ personal data.


  • Free Version: This version can delete 15 duplicate files for free on Windows and Mac. Users can also preview and select the target files to delete.
  • 1-Month License Individual: This version offers a 1-month license and free upgrades at $24.95 for deleting duplicate files on one system.
  • 1-Year License Individual: This version offers a 1-year license and free upgrades at $39.95 for deleting duplicate files.
  • Lifetime License Individual: This version offers a lifetime license and free upgrades at $49.95 for deleting duplicate files.
  • Annual Business Plan: This version is for businesses and is billed annually at $55.95. It offers free technical assistance and one year of free upgrades. In addition, users can use it on 5PCs at once.

About 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter:

Locating the right file from a cluttered system is time-consuming. But users can now get rid of these tiresome tasks by getting the 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter. With its innovative algorithm and friendly UI, anyone can quickly locate and delete duplicate files and similar content.

Moreover, it can eliminate all types of files from Windows and Mac-based storage devices with high accuracy and without endangering personal data. So, download the 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter from the 4DDiG Official site now and unlock its unique features.

For more details, visit: https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/duplicate-file-deleter.html

International versions:

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter Españolhttps://4ddig.tenorshare.com/es/duplicate-file-deleter.html

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter Françaishttps://4ddig.tenorshare.com/fr/duplicate-file-deleter.html

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter 日本語https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/jp/duplicate-file-deleter.html

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter Portuguêshttps://4ddig.tenorshare.com/br/duplicate-file-deleter.html

News Source: Tenorshare Co. Ltd.

To view the original post, visit: https://www.send2press.com/wire/tenorshare-announces-its-duplicate-file-deleter-renamed-to-4ddig/.

This press release was issued by Send2Press® Newswire on behalf of the news source, who is solely responsible for its accuracy. www.send2press.com.

The post Tenorshare Announces Its Duplicate File Deleter Renamed to 4DDiG first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

$PBIO Products Yield Unprecedented Effectiveness in Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction. Dr. Denese SkinScience has sold over $500M in skincare products through QVC alone over the past 20 years
  • Focus on the Development & Worldwide Sale of Innovative, Broadly Enabling, Pressure-Based Solutions for Life Sciences and Other Applications. 
  • Cooperative Work with QVC Skincare Leader Dr. Denese SkinScience Yields Unprecedented Effectiveness in Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction. 
  • Patented UltraShear™ to Process Components of Successful Anti-Aging Products Sold by Dr. Denese to Extremely Fine and Consistent Nanoemulsions.
  • Dr. Denese SkinScience Sold Over $500 Million Science-Driven Skincare Products Through QVC Alone Over the Past 20 Years.
  • Company Q3 Operational Results Show Marked Improvements in Key Areas. 

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO) is a leader in the development and sale of innovative, broadly enabling, pressure-based solutions for worldwide life sciences and other industries. PBIO products are based on the unique properties of both constant (i.e., static) and alternating (i.e., pressure cycling technology, or PCT) hydrostatic pressure. PCT is a patented enabling technology platform that uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to control bio-molecular interactions safely and reproducibly (e.g., cell lysis, and biomolecule extraction). 

The PBIO primary company focus is in the development of PCT-based products for biomarker and target discovery, drug design and development, biotherapeutics characterization and quality control, soil & plant biology, forensics, and counter-bioterror applications. Additionally, major new market opportunities have emerged in the use of PBIO pressure-based technologies in the following areas: (1) the use of recently acquired, patented technology from BaroFold, Inc. (the “BaroFold” technology) to allow entry into the bio-pharma contract services sector, and (2) the use of recently-patented, scalable, high-efficiency, pressure-based Ultra Shear Technology (“UST”) platform to (i) create stable nanoemulsions of otherwise immiscible fluids (e.g., oils and water) and to (ii) prepare higher quality, homogenized, extended shelf-life or room temperature stable low-acid liquid foods that cannot be effectively preserved using existing non-thermal technologies.

Partnership with QVC Skincare Leader Dr. Denese SkinScience Yields Unprecedented Effectiveness in Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction

On December 7th PBIO confirmed that initial results from their first stage of product development under the company’s August 2022 collaboration agreement with renowned skincare expert Dr. Adrienne Denesehave greatly exceeded all expectations.

The first stage of the Agreement calls for PBIO to apply their patented Ultra Shear Technology™ (UST™ or UltraShear™) to process oil-based active components used in many highly successful anti-aging products currently sold by Dr. Denese into extremely fine and consistent nanoemulsions, with the expectation that resulting improvements in topical bioavailability will drive these already market-leading products to even higher levels of performance. The companies chose two important, commonly used active ingredients for their initial collaborative development of valuable new skincare product lines, both of which would leverage PBIO proprietary UltraShear nano emulsification process: (i) retinol (and its derivative retinoate) and (ii) lipid-soluble Vitamin C. These compounds are important ingredients in multiple Dr. Denese SkinScience anti-aging products and were discussed recently in the FORCE Family Office sponsored Development of a New Generation of Skincare Products webinar (PBIO/Dr. Denese FORCE Webinar 101322).

Retinol (and its derivative retinoate) is a form of Vitamin A used in multiple skincare products, such as lotions, creams, and serums. It has excellent antioxidant properties and is regarded as the number one anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting, and skin-tightening ingredient in the marketplace. It is also the number one choice in acne treatment. It delivers proven anti-aging effects by encouraging the production of collagen. Retinol is known to be a strong irritant of the skin, but there are Vitamin A derivatives, such as retinoate, which have been found to be far more effective yet less of an irritant than retinol.

Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D., Ph.D. is a globally-acknowledged skincare visionary and anti-aging pioneer. As Founder and President of Dr. Denese SkinScience, she has sold over $500M of her science-driven skincare products through QVC alone over the past 20 years. Dr. Denese thoroughly tested the newly developed UltraShear-nano emulsified retinoate and has excitedly reported: “I have never encountered such profound skin tightening and wrinkle-reducing effects as I have experienced with PBI’s UltraShear-processed retinoate serum. I am known for using very high levels of skincare active ingredients in my product formulations, in order to make my skincare products, especially effective compared to everyone else in the industry. However, even compared to my already effective serums, the UltraShear-processed retinoate performance far exceeded anything that I have ever seen until today. Simply put, it is my opinion that PBI’s UltraShear platform is an industry-redefining innovation.”

Richard T. Schumacher, President, and CEO of PBIO, commented: “We were extremely pleased with the results so quickly measured and reported by Adrienne Denese’s team, on the quality and potency of our UltraShear-nano emulsified retinoate as an anti-aging serum for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. We were further delighted to learn that she is immediately advancing into human clinical trials. We expect to have the clinical trial materials prepared within 30-45 days, and the trials completed within a few months. With expected successful results, we anticipate that commercial sales of Dr. Denese SkinScience next generation, UltraShear nanoemulsion-enabled products could commence and generate significant revenues for PBI in the second quarter of 2023, following closely after our revenues from multiple nano-CBD oral and topical products begin ramping in the first quarter of 2023.”

Mr. Schumacher summed up: “Based upon initial UltraShear nanoemulsions development work that PBI has completed across multiple product application areas, and ensuing product evaluation results received, our team was not surprised by the results reported by Dr. Denese, but we are extremely grateful for such clear and forceful acknowledgment from a recognized scientific and industrial leader for the game-changing impact that our Ultra Shear Technology platform is expected to have across entire marketplaces. We are actively engaged in negotiating agreements for the use of UltraShear in multiple market sectors with well-funded start-ups to multi-billion-dollar market leaders. We believe these agreements will manifest themselves in ramping revenues for PBIO, starting in Q1 2023.”

  • PBIO Reports Q3 2022 Financial Results 

On November 22nd PBIO reported financial results for the third quarter that ended September 30, 2022, provided a business update, and offered guidance for a strong finish to 2022 and a growth drive to expected profitability in 2023.

Financial Results: Q3 2022 vs. Q3 2021

Total revenue for Q3 2022 was $144,000 compared to $518,000 for Q3 2021, a decrease of 72%.

Instrument sales for Q3 2022 were $134,000 compared to $419,000 for Q3 2021, a decrease of 66%.

PBIO Agrochem subsidiary sales in Q3 2022 were $10,000 compared to $17,000 for Q3 2021, a decrease of 41%.

Operating loss for Q3 2022 was $1,363,000 compared to $1,243,000 for Q3 2021, an increase of 10%.

The basic and diluted net loss per share was $(0.44) for Q3 2022, improved from $(0.82) for Q3 2021.

  • Recent Operational and Technical Highlights:

October 26: PBIO and skincare pioneer and leading innovator Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D., Ph.D. to introduce revolutionary UST nanoemulsion-based hair loss prevention and hair regrowth product line in 2023.

September 28: Imminent Commercial Launch of Revolutionary UST Processing Method to be Focus of PBI’s Presentation at Emerging Growth Conference 40.

September 27: Unique Advantages and Commercial Process Scalability of PBIO Revolutionary UST Platform Illuminated at the Conference of Food Engineering 2022.

September 13: PBIO to Expand on Pivotal Change in Business Strategy with Presentation at HC Wainwright Annual Global Investment Conference.

August 24: PBIO secures pivotal cosmeceuticals partnership for UST platform with Dr. Denese SkinScience, a 20-year industry leader with over $500 million in QVC sales.

August 18: The third contract was announced for hemp-derived CBD products, estimating $2 million in 2023 revenue.

August 11: PBIO receives approval to manufacture hemp-derived CBD products in Mass, including novel CBD nano emulsions processed by the Company’s revolutionary Ultra Shear Technology (UST) platform.

DISCLAIMER: This article is purely for informational purposes and is not a recommendation in any way for buying or selling stocks.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pressure BioSciences, Inc.
Contact Person: Richard T. Schumacher, President & CEO
Email: Send Email
Phone: (508) 230-1828
City: South Easton
State: Easton, Massachusetts
Country: United States
Website: https://www.pressurebiosciences.com/

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Brand1 Ventures, a European Accelerator of Digital Health and Wellness Brands, Completes the Funding Round and Selects the First Acquisitions 4

European investor and accelerator of digital health and wellness brands on Amazon, Brand1 Ventures, has completed a multi-million dollar funding round and is completing its first acquisitions.

Driven by data analytics and technology, Brand1 Ventures is a London-based company primarily focused on investment and acceleration of private-label brands in the health and wellness sector on Amazon. The company’s interests focus primarily on the European and American markets.

“Brand1 Ventures is a technology and data-driven investor and accelerator of small digital private-label brands,” CEO and Co-founder Irtaute Scerbaviciene said. “We focus on health, wellness, and beauty niches — food supplements, medical devices, and personal care products.”

Ms. Scerbaviciene is the former COO at one of the largest retail chains in the Nordics, Maxima, and the chief business development officer at Euroapotheca, one of the leading pharmacy chains in Central and Eastern Europe. Co-Founder Emilis Kasauskas is a former vice president of the telecoms media and technology team of the investment banking department at the global banking institution Credit Suisse in London.

“This segment is a natural choice for us since we have a strong operational background in international pharmacy retail and a network of medical and technology advisors,” Scerbaviciene said.

Leading the way for female startup founders

Scerbaviciene is one of the few female startup founders in Europe. Only 15 percent of tech startups are founded or co-founded by women today, and Scerbaviciene hopes to lead by example.

“Health and wellness is a more complicated segment due to knowledge requirements, regulatory hurdles, and marketing specifics,” Scerbaviciene said. “We see a lot of successful product launches in the market. However, founders often struggle to scale them due to the lack of time, operational experience, regulatory knowledge, or financial constraints.” 

Utilizing the technology to unlock growth

Brand1 Ventures Co-founder Kasauskas said, “We see enormous potential to use our data and automation, brand management, and supply chain management capabilities to scale the early-stage successful businesses internationally and across adjacent health and wellness categories.”

Looking forward

To learn more about Brand1 Ventures and its future investments, visit the company’s website or connect on LinkedIn.

Media Contact
Company Name: Brand1 Ventures
Contact Person: Irtaute Scerbaviciene
Email: Send Email
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.brand1ventures.com/

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ScsccTv helps keep residents in Los Angeles safe with its affordable Surveillance Cameras Installation services 2

ScsccTv helps keep residents in Los Angeles safe with its affordable Surveillance Cameras Installation services
The closed-circuit tv installer in Los Angeles is on a mission to make communities in Los Angeles safe again

Since the economy has become very volatile, there has been a rapid increase in crime across America. Both homes and businesses have seen a sharp uptick in burglaries and robberies, which has many residents and businesses worried about the safety of their families and prized possessions. To help make a difference, renowned surveillance installation company ScsccTv has taken up the mantle. The company provides state-of-the-art surveillance camera installation services for residential and commercial properties in the Los Angeles area. 

ScsccTv’s primary objective is to help residents stay safe by allowing them to monitor for any suspicious activity at all times. A company representative said about their services, “We take pride in helping make our communities safe again. We only supply high-quality equipment, which is why we have developed an extensive list of clients in diverse industries in a short period. We aim to reduce burglary, theft, vandalism, and other crimes in Los Angeles, and our staff take their job very seriously. They get the installation done the first time correctly around.” 

The team comprises highly skilled technicians who are experts in their field and take pride in providing our customers with top-notch customer service every step of the way. The company has a wide variety of surveillance cameras that can meet the needs and budgets of every family.

Their clients range from large to small facilities for government, business, and private properties. Their portfolio of products includes custom-designed security camera systems and access control systems solutions for single and multiple locations. Moreover, they provide local or remote video surveillance, covert or mobile video surveillance needs, intercom systems, smart home integration, low-voltage equipment installations, and security gates. 

Residents interested in making their homes safe can contact the surveillance cameras installer in Los Angeles using the information mentioned below.

About the company

ScsccTv is a full-service CCTV security systems installer in Los Angeles that specializes in surveillance camera installation and maintenance. Their staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of home security systems installation and supplies high-quality surveillance cameras, access control systems, home automation systems, and more. 

Their products include local or remote video surveillance, covert or mobile video surveillance needs, intercom systems, smart home integration, low-voltage equipment installations, and security gates.

Media Contact
Company Name: SCSCCTV Surveillance Camera installation
Contact Person: David
Email: Send Email
Phone: 3236557326
Address:6363 Wilshire Boulevard
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: www.scscctv.com

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Hello! My name is Dmitry Kizema, and I am the owner of a business that develops mobile applications and their following monetization.

Today we will speak on the ASO for an app in the App Store and Google Play.

This will be a short guide for beginners, covering all aspects of ASO.

ASO is the process of improving the visibility of an application in stores. ASO helps:

  • push more visitors to the app page
  • turn them into users.

Optimizing your application in the markets is the base, and you won’t get any profitability or user purchase results without it.

The work on application optimization can be divided into several stages:

  1. Working on semantics
  2. Correct name
  3. Work on the application description
  4. Screenshots
  5. Icon
  6. Localization
  7. Working with reviews

Let’s take a closer look at each stage of ASO. 

Working on application semantics

This is the most critical stage in working with markets. I would even say that this is 80% of success in promoting your application. Collecting successful semantics includes:

  • keywords and their combinations invented during brainstorming;
  • competitors keywords;
  • related keywords. Users may search for an application using a different terminology than expected. Use words related to your primary keys;
  • suggestions in the search engine of the store.

Based on this data, you can assemble the proper semantic core, which will give the application a positive indexing in Google Play & App Store.

I recommend using App Radar, Gummicube, PreApps, AppFollow, ASODesk, SensorTower, AppAnnie, Mobile Action to collect the core and pay attention to the Google Adwords Keyword Collector tool itself.

App name

The name of the application is what the user sees first. The name must match its search query for maximum conversion from transition to download.

This is the most indexed part. When composing this material, the name in Google Play and the App Store consists of 30 characters. At the same time, only the first 15-20 are displayed in search of the App Store.

You need to use the most relevant key query in the name, preferably two of them — if they don’t exceed the character limit. It is the collection of the semantic core that will help highlight the most relevant key phrases for you, which should be used in the name;

Application description

An important comment — the application description should be written for people and not for search robots.

This is the second most crucial parameter in Google Play, and it is not indexed in the AppStore. Applications usually have both short and long descriptions. And the first is the most important because it is in the indexing priority.

The short description should consist of about 252 characters, and the rest will be cut with the “details” button. The desired length is about 120 characters.

 How to optimize it? The main thing is to use the maximum number of keys, but at the same time, ensure readability.

A full description is vital for Google Play, and the semantic core you collected at the first stage is the structure of this description. Therefore, I will give some tips on the correct format of the description:

  1. The first 1-3 sentences of the description should describe the idea of the application as clearly as possible and tell what problem it solves. The maximum length of this part is 255 characters. Furthermore, you need to use the most important keywords in this part of the description;
  2. Avoid using numerous keywords. 1-2 occurrences of a phrase in the text are enough for it to be successfully indexed by a search engine;
  3. Use lists and text formatting;
  4. Using the most important keywords at the end of the text is just as important as at the beginning.
  5. If the application has superiorities, they must be reflected.

Application screenshots

Everything is straightforward here. This is an essential element of the visual and needs to be done with high quality. A simple tip — monitor your competitors. This will answer the question of what kind of visual should screenshots have and what information should be performed there.

Application icon

The icon, just like the name, is the first thing a user sees in a search. Therefore, the main rule for choosing an application icon is constant tests.

Our team usually makes 5 app icons. We are testing all 5 icons in parallel to see which one will be better. Testing icons gives the most surprising results because what you may like, the user may not like. And it often happens that icon you don’t like wins.


I won’t linger on this topic for a long time, I will just give some advice.

  • The more GEO you localize, the better it is for organic traffic;
  • Make localization well, or don’t make it at all. Since poor localization can generate a wave of bad reviews from users.
  • Localization of markets without localization of the application itself is useless.
  • If you want to localize the application description, collect your own semantics for each language.

Working with reviews 

It makes sense that people would download an app with positive reviews. This affects the promotion of the algorithms and your image among users. 

When an app receives negative reviews, its rating drops, reducing conversions. When the rating drops from 4 to 3, the download rating decreases by 50%. The lower the rating, the less traffic and the more expensive it is. Be sure to observe this indicator daily. Make this monitoring a rule.

Here are a few more tips for working with reviews:

  • If the rating drops, fix the reason. Be sure to read user reviews and edit what they don’t like.
  • If the rating drops through no fault of yours — use paid reviews to neutralize bad ratings.
  • Respond to every review politely and respectfully.
  • If possible, use keywords in your answers that you could not use in the description. Reviews are also indexed.

Let’s sum up the ASO of the application

In this article, we checked out the 7 primary factors for optimizing your app on Google Play & App Store. Following my recommendations, you will definitely be able to succeed in promoting your application.

One article cannot perform all aspects of ASO for mobile developers. The promotion of mobile applications is generally a separate universe. 

I hope my recommendations will help you.